Hello, I’m Akil.

I'm an Azure Cloud Architect who has empowered Fortune 500 clients with winning strategies, software, and technology teams for over twenty years. Let’s build something great together!


What Clients are Saying…

Akil is quite simply one of the most innovative, brilliant and technical architects that I have had the pleasure to work with. His incredible passion, energy and creativity are focused on delivering exceptional technical solutions and client value. I would have him on any project, any time - he has my highest possible recommendation.
— Robert Miles, Head of Architecture & Engineering - Asset & Wealth Management - JPMorgan Chase & Co.
Akil brings keen insight and a deep understanding of Microsoft technologies to any project. He is an excellent communicator and visionary with regard to technical architecture.
— Eric Rasanayagam, Chief Architect, General Motors
Akil has technical depth that we could not find with any other consultant. We checked out the top .Net consultant shops such as Avanade and Microsoft Consulting, but even they didn’t have resources with as much broad application experience. We implemented his development framework and were ahead of the game with best practice data access and web resources.
— Justin Fischer, Chief Product Officer, Head of Strategy, Vault
I’ve had the pleasure of engaging with Akil on two high-profile projects. In each case his experience and technical expertise proved to be instrumental in our success. He is an accomplished and dedicated consultant and I highly recommend him.
— Vasu Mekala, Senior Manager, General Motors



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